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City Notes from Nick & Nat

We love learning about our industry friends’ and colleagues’ beloved spots to spend a quiet morning before work, or a cozy night off with friends. These recommendations fuel our own days off, and our culinary travels - across the country, in other parts of the world, and even right here in NYC. We thought it’d be fun to share a few of our local favorites for you to check out (if you’re not already fans!). 

Nakamura Ramen (Lower East Side) – Here you’ll find the cleanest, most soul-satisfying chicken broth around. Add a soft-boiled, ajitama egg.

Shu Jiao Fu Zhou (Chinatown) – Great spot for a quick dumpling moment and noodles in a surprisingly good peanut butter sauce.

Abraço (East Village) – Jazz records, exceptional cappuccinos and a must-have olive cookie alongside eclectic East Village crowd.

Txikito (Chelsea) – Bright seafood tapas, Basque comfort foods, and a concise, thoughtful wine list.

Los Mariscos (Chelsea) –Tucked in a side pocket at Chelsea Market, get Ceviche Especial, Fish Tacos, and the not-so-secret-but-delicious-and-free shrimp broth

Gene’s (West Village) – Take a seat in front of Franco at the 100-year old bar in this storied neighborhood haunt, order a martini, and ask him for the off-menu “Spanish Fries.” 

Il Posto Accanto (Alphabet City) – Eat fresh fried anchovies, drink Sicilian Rosé, and say hi to Julio and Bea, the husband-and-wife team behind this very special neighborhood staple.